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We create modern and safe mobile applications for Android, iOS and HarmonyOS operative systems.

Planning and designing of mobile applications

We provide complex help in planning functionalities and architecture of a mobile application.


We can create complete graphic design or an interactive mock-up of a mobile application, taking into account the latest UX and UI standards.

planning architecture of mobile application

Implementation of mobile application

We program the logic of a mobile application and create its views. We add dedicated functionalities and integrations with external API.


Before implementing the final version of the application on production, it goes through various manual examinations in the test environment.

implementation of mobile app

Development and support for mobile applications

We develop applications by adding new functionalities, updating graphic design, implementing scripts to communicate with external software, for example web applications or e-commerce platforms.


Mobile apps that require special care may receive constant or periodical 24/7 support.

rozwój aplikacji mobilnej

Potential of mobile applications in business

Users’ engagement

Data from the Digital 2022report states that a typical user spends about 4h 48 minutes on mobile devices, from which 92,5% of this time is devoted to using mobile applications. Just in 2021 the time of using mobile devices was 37 minutes shorter in comparison with 2022.


In 2021 users of mobile devices installed applications 230 billion times. It is 5,5% more than in 2020. Currently on the market of operative systems for mobile devices lead Android 70,74% and iOS 28,54%. Besides the tremendous difference, income generated by iOS users doesn’t differ much from this generated by Android users. The other operative systems note ~1% income

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The process of creating mobile applications

Accurate knowledge about mobile app needs and specification

First substantial step forward creating a mobile application is learning about your needs and expectations. After determining them, we can tell you which solutions and technologies to choose. What is important in regard to mobile application are its functionalities, design, destination and characteristics of a target group.

We will help you to write a brief of a mobile application, which will help you to estimate its budget and time of realisation. A short specification will help us to distinguish priorities and plan the order of work.

Plan of online store implementation

After establishing functionalities of mobile applications, we will together create the plan for their implementation. Usually, we divide the whole process into smaller pieces called sprints. During each sprint we implement further functionality according to the list of priorities set with the customer.

Mobile application design

At this stage we create initial graphic design of mobile application, which helps us to visualise how particular functionalities will work. Thanks to this we can eliminate part of changes at the stage of implementation, which speeds up the time of realisation. It is also a moment for refining graphic design of mobile application. If the project doesn’t have mock-up visualisation, we create it from scratch. If there is a mock-up, we check if it’s adjusted according to UX and UI.


This is mostly the time of programmers work, who are trying to transfer your idea and design into functional and intuitive solution in a chosen technology. Developers who create your application familiarise with it from the moment of planning. Thanks to this they know its specific very well.

Tests on mobile apps

We perform many manual tests. Thanks to this we can eliminate errors in the mobile applications. We also check if the application meets all safety standards.


When we make sure that users can use the application, we implement it on the production. We can help in configuring the application in Google Play and AppStore panels.


We guarantee technical support within the range of maintaining the application and its constant performance. We can also develop the application by adding new functionalities.