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We have a team of experienced programmers who are ready to work for you.

IT consulting and training

We help in planning functions, process of realisations and estimating costs of implementing programming solutions.


We also conduct staff and management training in administering IT projects.

IT consulting

IT outsourcing

While using IT services of our software house, you can count on help of experienced programmers, who are experts in their field.


By delegating programming work to us, you will have more time for things that are essential for your business’ development.

programmers leasing
Fixed-Price and Time & Materials settlements

We offer flexible models of settlement depending on customers’ needs and specifications of realised projects.


Do you have questions? Contact us.

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consulting terms of contract for IT outsourcing

Advantages of IT outsourcing

Minimum formalities - no new employees

You don’t have to recruit, hire and training new employees. Save time on things connected with new staff members.

Experienced team of programmes and PM available right away

Creating a new, well-integrated team of programmers takes months. Outsourcing provides access to experienced team with established processes of collaboration. You also gain access to the ERP system. You don’t have to deal with project management or monitoring work of team members and progress of the project.

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