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We create efficient websites, optimised according to SEO principles.

Planning and designing websites

We provide comprehensive support in designing websites and choosing a domain and server for websites.


During the design process, we pay attention to individual needs and the marketing plan.

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Creating websites

We create websites comprehensively. We implement custom features and integrations with external API.


After the project is approved, we launch the production version on the chosen domain and server. We then provide technical training on website management.

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Development and support for web design

We add new subpages, refresh the graphic design, and add new functionalities, such as an advanced inquiry form.


For websites requiring exceptional care, we can offer continuous or periodic 24/7 support.

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Potential of websites in business

High availability of websites

Potential customers can access your current offers, portfolio, and price list 24/7, 7 days a week.

Marketing tool

An effective website is an important marketing tool. It finds its application in various areas, including SEO, Google Ads, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing.

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The process of creating websites

Thorough study of your expectations

Discussing your needs and expectations is a crucial step towards creating a website. By understanding your requirements, we can suggest the best solutions for you. For websites, in addition to functionality and graphic design, it is also important to consider their purpose and target audience.

We can collaborate to prepare a website brief. Together, we will prioritise and determine additional elements. The gathered information will also help us estimate the budget and timeline for website development.

Plan of website implementation

Once the desired appearance and functionalities of the website are determined, we will collaborate to establish a plan for the project's creation. The entire process is divided into smaller parts called sprints. During each sprint, we implement the next elements based on the established priorities.


This is the stage of creating the initial graphic design, which allows us to establish the visual standards and visualise the functioning of the features. It enables us to expedite the project's implementation by eliminating part of changes at an early stage. This is also the time to refine the website's design. If the website has a graphic design, we verify it in terms of UX and UI. When there is no graphic design, we create it from scratch.


The development stage is primarily the time for our developers to work diligently in order to transform your idea and design into a functional and practical solution that helps you attract new customers. The developers who build the website familiarise themselves with the project as early as the planning stage. Thanks to this they have a good understanding of its specifics.

Tests on websites

We conduct a series of manual tests to promptly identify and eliminate any errors on the website. Additionally, we verify whether the website meets security standards to ensure a safe browsing experience.


When we are sure that the website is ready to use by its target group, we migrate it to the production. If necessary we can help you in configuring the server on which the website will be located.


We provide technical support in maintaining the website and fluency of the web design’s operation. We also offer help in expanding websites and adding new functions to them.