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We create modern and scalable web (internet) applications.

Planning and designing web application

We provide complex support within the range of planning functionalities and web application design.


We create graphic projects and interactive mock-ups of web applications, keeping in mind key UX and UI standards.

Sopchy team planning web application

Implementation of web application

We implement a graphic design and logic of web applications. We write from the scratch advanced functionalities and integrations with external software.


Before publishing a production version of a web application, we share the application in a test environment and conduct the range of tests.

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Development and support of web applications

We add new functionalities, refresh a graphic design, create scripts to communicate with external software - for example mobile applications or ERP systems.


For web applications that require special care, we can offer 24/7 support.

Sopchy team

Potential of web applications in business

Availability of web applications

Web applications are available on each device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). One requirement is that this device has a web browser. Users can conveniently use it without the necessity of downloading it and installing additional programs.


Web systems allow for significant optimisation of work on cyclical, recurring activities. They also enable transfer of functions of many platforms into one application.

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Sopchy programmers
Process of creating web applications

Needs - Accurate familiarising with needs and specification of the web app

Talking about your needs and expectations is a first important step forward creating a web application. Knowing these steps, we can suggest to you which solutions would be the best for you. Apart from app’s functionalities, it is essential to determine its goal, target group, development plan and specifying competition.

We will gladly help you in writing a brief of a web application. Together we can set priorities of the application and the plan for implementation of further, less crucial functionalities. On the basis of all information, we will also estimate the required budget and lead time of project realisation.

Plan - Plan for implementing web application

After specifying all of the functionalities of the web application, we will plan their implementation together. Usually, we divide the whole process into so-called sprints. At this stage we will prepare a work agenda, taking into account set priorities.

Web application design

At this stage we create a graphic project of the web application, which helps us to visualise how particular functions will work. Thanks to this we can avoid some of the changes at the stage of implementation, which accelerates the lead time. It is also a moment for refining the graphic design of the application. If the project does’t have a graphic mock-up, we make it from scratch. If there’s a mock-up visualisation, we check if its layout is compatible with the UX and UI.


This is predominantly the time of programmers’ work, who endeavour to transfer the design and your idea into a practical technological solution. Developers who build the application familiarise with the project yet on the stage of planning and they create it until the very end. Thanks to this they know its specification.


We perform many manual tests. Thanks to which we can eliminate errors in the web applications. We also verify if the application meets safety standards.

Implementation on production

When we make sure that users may use the application, we implement it on the production. If you need it, we will help you with configuring the application on the targeted server.

Technical support

We provide technical support within range of service and continuing of project’s operation. We also offer help in developing the application and adding new functions to it.