We create and support online stores and dedicated ecommerce solutions.

Planning and designing online stores

We provide complex support within the scope of planning and designing the buying process in online stores.


We also create full graphic design and interactive mock-ups of online stores, adjusted to the chosen shop system.

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Online store implementation

We create online stores that are based on Open Source Systems and dedicated solutions. We implement advanced functions for B2C/B2B and integrations with external API.


Before we publish the production version of the online store, we perform a number of manual tests. We also give the possibility to test the project by yourself in a test environment.

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Development and support for online stores

We add new functionalities and refresh graphic design. We create scripts to communicate with external software - for example CRM system or marketplace.


For online stores that require additional care, we can offer permanent or temporary 24/7 support.

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Ecommerce market potential

Growing popularity of online shopping

Years 2020-2021 as a result of the pandemic showed significant growth of the ecommerce market. Almost each internet user does online shopping. In recent years the value of the online sales market is growing about 20% per year. The prognoses of the ecommerce market point its value up to 94 billion until 2027.


Selling online allows for making transactions from everywhere to customers from our country and abroad. This essentially increases the target group which can potentially buy our products and lowers regular costs of keeping stationary stores.

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The process of creating online stores

Thorough study of needs and online store specification

Learning about your needs and expectations is a first step forward creating an online store. Knowing what you care about, we can suggest proper solutions for you. Not only functionalities of online stores are important, but also aspects such as its destination, specifics of the industry and target group.

We can help you with creating a brief of an online store. Together we will determine what is a priority and what additional elements. Collected information will also help us to estimate the cost of the project and lead time.

Plan of online store implementation

When we arrange the list of functionalities in the online store, together we create the plan for their implementation. Usually, we divide the whole process into smaller parts called sprints. Together with the customer we set the order of their implementation, paying attention to determined priorities.

Online store design

During this stage we create an initial graphic project for an online store. Thanks to this we can visualise how particular functions will work. This helps us to decrease the number of corrections at the stage of implementation, which has an impact on faster lead time. At this stage we also refine graphic design of online store. When there is no mock-up design, we create it from scratch. If the project has the mock-up, we check if it meets UX and UI standards.


This is mostly the time for work of our programmers, who make efforts to transfer design into functional and intuitive technological solutions. Developers who create an online store work on it from the stage of planning to its migration. Thanks to this they perfectly know the project's specification.

Tests on online stores

We perform a number of manual tests, which allows us to eliminate errors in the online store. We also check if the online store meets safety standards.


When the online store is ready to use by customers, we migrate it to production. We can help you with configuring online store on the target hosting.

Technical support

We provide support in managing the online store and its fluent performance. We can also help with expanding the online store with new functions.