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Forless - Loyalty Application



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Android & iOS Mobile App, Web Application



Companies often want to reward their customers for using their services, but traditional solutions such as sticker or stamp systems prove to be impractical. On the other hand, implementing a dedicated app for a company requires larger investments that may not always be feasible for small and medium-sized businesses.


Forless.cloud addresses these challenges and proposes an alternative solution. The platform provides a flexible and customisable loyalty program system that does not require printing stickers or stamps and stores all data in the cloud. With this solution, companies can enjoy the benefits of modern customer rewards without the need for significant investments in a dedicated application.

Implementation Process

The goal was to deliver a simple and practical solution that would be accessible to all companies looking to reward their loyal customers, thereby increasing the frequency of purchases and their level of loyalty. Any company can start using Forless by simply registering.


Our main focus was to make the Forless app readily available to everyone, both customers and business owners. Nobody likes complicated registration and configuration forms. However, everyone likes to save, especially on inevitable expenses. The Forless app offers a quick registration process and a simple way of operation - by regularly using a company's services, customers accumulate discounts for their future purchases. Business owners can decide on the value of the collected points. Customers can search for various companies using Forless in the app, creating their own portfolio of discount coupons.



The Forless application is available as a web version and mobile app (Android & iOS). Each company individually sets the rules for granting discounts, specifying how many points need to be accumulated and the corresponding discount value. Customers can collect and redeem points for discounts by entering a code generated within their Forless app. No personal data is exchanged between parties. Users can add an unlimited number of discount cards from companies that use Forless to their account. Combining simplicity and functionality, Forless can be used in almost any industry, such as cosmetics, hairdressing, gastronomy, and many others.

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