We create and support ecommerce stores and custom solutions for ecommerce.

Planning and designing online stores Nuneaton

We provide comprehensive support in planning functionalities and designing purchase processes for ecommerce stores.


We also create full graphic designs or interactive mockups of ecommerce stores tailored to the chosen ecommerce system.

process of creating online store by the team in Nuneaton

Ecommerce store development Nuneaton

We develop ecommerce stores based on open-source systems and dedicated solutions. We implement advanced features for B2C/B2B sales and integrations with external APIs.


Before publishing the production version of the ecommerce store, we conduct a series of manual tests. We also provide the opportunity for independent testing of the project in a testing environment.

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Development and support for online stores Nuneaton

We expand stores with new features, update the visual appearance, and implement scripts that communicate with external software such as CRM systems or auction portals.


For online stores that require additional care, we can offer permanent or temporary 24/7 support.

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E-commerce market potential

Growing popularity of online shopping

The years 2020-2021, as a result of the pandemic, showed a significant acceleration in the growth rate of the e-commerce market. Almost every internet user makes online purchases. In recent years, the value of the online sales market has been increasing by over 20% annually on average. E-commerce market forecasts indicate an increase in its value by PLN 94 billion by 2027.


Online sales allow transactions to be made from anywhere to domestic and international customers. This significantly expands the target group that can potentially purchase our products and reduces the recurring costs of maintaining physical stores.

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The process of creating online stores

Thorough study of needs and online store specification

Understanding your needs and expectations is a crucial step towards creating an e-commerce store. By knowing what matters to you, we can provide appropriate solutions. It's not just about the functionalities of the e-commerce store, equally important is its purpose, industry specifics, and defining the target audience.

We can help you prepare an e-commerce store brief. Together, we will determine the project's priorities and additional elements. The gathered information will also assist us in estimating the project cost and required timeframe.

Plan of online store implementation

Once we establish the list of functionalities for the e-commerce store, we will collaboratively create a plan for their implementation. Typically, we divide the entire process into smaller parts called sprints. Together with the client, we determine the order of implementing individual functionalities, taking into account the established priorities.

Online store design

During this stage, we create a preliminary graphic design for the e-commerce store. This allows us to visualise the functioning of individual features. Consequently, it reduces the number of revisions during the implementation phase, leading to faster delivery. At this stage, we refine the visual appearance of the store. If there is no existing graphic design, we create it from scratch. If the project includes a mockup, we ensure that it meets UX and UI standards.


This is primarily the time for our team of developers to work diligently in transfering the design into a functional and intuitive technological solution. The developers involved in creating the e-commerce store are engaged in the project from its planning phase to the migration phase. This level of involvement enables them to have a deep understanding of the project's specific requirements and intricacies.

Tests on online stores

We conduct a series of manual tests to identify and eliminate any errors or issues in the e-commerce store. This thorough testing process helps ensure the smooth functioning and optimal performance of the store. Additionally, we also verify whether the store meets the required security standards to protect sensitive customer information and transactions.


Once the e-commerce store is ready to be used by customers, we proceed with migrating it to the production environment. Our team can assist you with the configuration and setup of the online store on your server.

Technical support

We provide ongoing support for managing and maintaining your e-commerce store to ensure its continuous operation. Our team is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have regarding the store's functionality. Additionally, we can help you expand your online store by adding new features and functionalities to meet your evolving business needs.